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Medication Management

2018-04-20 | Uncategorized | By Alexa Willis | 0 Comments

Medication management can be a minefield, especially for elders. Seniors are often treated by several doctors, and each doctor may have prescribed different medications. In combination, all of the prescriptions produce a complex daily medication schedule that must be closely adhered to and closely monitored for unintended interactions. The situation may also create thorny issues […]


How to Reduce Your Risk and Your Fear of Falling

2018-04-13 | Uncategorized | By Alexa Willis | 0 Comments

Adult children and their aging parents are often concerned about increasing frailty. which often leads to falls and injury. With advances in wellness programs, frailty should no longer be considered a constant threat. Yet, falls and other injuries do loom as the proverbial straw that breaks the camel’s back. Since avoiding falling is mostly about […]


How to Choose the Right Nursing Home

2018-04-11 | Uncategorized | By Alexa Willis | 0 Comments

When an aging family member develops a serious medical condition that requires care 24 hours a day, home care may not be a viable option. Deciding to move a parent to a nursing home is always a tough decision. The best time to start thinking about this decision is before this critical stage. Gathering information […]

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