Making Your Parents’ Home More Accessible

2021-05-30 | Uncategorized | By Alexa Willis | 0 Comments

As our parents age, there are a lot of decisions that need to be made. The decision-making may even occur all at once and without warning. If the plan is for your parents to age in place, home accessibility may be a concern. There are certain ways to make a home more accessible in the event that mobility becomes an issue.

Replacing Stairs with Ramps

Installing ramps is one way to make a home more accessible. Stairs can pose problems even for those who do not use wheelchairs. Whether a home is two stories or a ranch, there are probably a few steps as you enter the house. Collapsible ramps are easy-to-install and are easy-to-store. Similarly, threshold ramps help senior citizens with limited mobility enter their home with ease.

Installing a Stair Lift or Elevator

These lifts are highly common for senior citizens. The lifts also come in different styles. Whether one is permanently installed or you select a portable stair climber, these lifts can enable senior citizens to remain in their multi-level homes. A stair lift is a great option for individuals who wish to age in place. Alternatively, elevators can be installed into existing architecture. While you may be concerned about the cost, it does raise a house’s value.

Adding Handrails Around the House

A thoughtfully placed handrail can save a life or prevent a fall. Those with poor balance or who have limited mobility benefit greatly from handrails. These can be placed near beds, chairs, or especially in the bathroom. Handrails not only increase independence. They also allow family members to feel comforted regarding their loved one’s safety.

Remodeling the House

There are times when a house is simply not accessible and requires more involved renovations. Certain renovations can include installing a raised toilet seat. It will make it easier for someone with limited mobility to get on and off of it. Another renovation option is replacing a bathtub with a shower stall. The showers can include a built-in seat and added grab bar. The recommended dimensions for these showers is a minimum of 5 feet wide and 3 feet deep.

Preparing your parents’ home for them to age in place can feel overwhelming. These are only a few of the many options to help reach that goal. Ultimately, you can explore multiple avenues, especially if the necessary funds are available to proceed.