Seniors, What to Eat if Suffering from Mouth Sores

2019-09-02 | Uncategorized | By Alexa Willis | 0 Comments

For an elderly person who is undergoing chemotherapy treatment for cancer, it is not uncommon that the treatment has an adverse effect on the persons mouth and teeth. 

The effect of the treatment can lead to the development of mouth sores, which could lead to eating difficulties for the person and affecting his/her nutrition. 

Just what can a person in this situation, safely and comfortable eat? Obviously eating the right foods is important during cancer treatment and good nutrition will help heal the mouth sores. 

Managing Mouth Sore Pain. 

For some cancer patients, soreness in the throat or mouth can be an additional burden for the already suffering person. The oncologist or nurse can give advice on mouth care, and prescribe medicine to lessen pain. Tell the doctor of any eating difficulty being experienced, they can help. 

Things to Eat if a Sore Mouth is Present. 

Mouth sores can lead to other mouth infections and teeth cavities, continue with dental check ups before, during and after chemotherapy treatment. The affected person can help him/herself by practicing the following. 

  • Mouth rinsing with warm water or a dental solution recommended by the doctor after snacks or meals. 
  • Follow the dentists instructions for brushing teeth, do not avoid caring for the mouth. 
  • Eat only soft foods containing liquids, warm soups, mashed potatoes with lots of gravy, yogurts, cereals with plenty of milk. 
  • There is a recipe developed by oncology nurses which helps cancer patients suffering from mouth pain, try it! 
  • The use of a drinking straw will help, as the person can ‘by pass’ the mouth sore when drinking. 
  • Use a food blender to eat vegetables and fruit, and drink warm herbal liquids like chamomile. 
  • Try liquid containing fruits like watermelon, slices of peach and cantaloupe. 

If the mouth becomes excessively dry, speak to the doctor, there are many brand medicines which will help with this problem, such as ‘Salix’ ‘Sage Moist’ and ‘ Salivart’ 

The patient should avoid such foods as alcohol, raw vegetables, nuts, soda drinks, and any acidic products like tomatoes, citrus fruits and fruit juices. 

But most importantly, if the patient cannot eat or drink due to excessive soreness from mouth sores. Speak to the doctor!