Medication Management

2018-04-20 | Uncategorized | By Alexa Willis | 0 Comments

Medication management can be a minefield, especially for elders. Seniors are often treated by several doctors, and each doctor may have prescribed different medications.

In combination, all of the prescriptions produce a complex daily medication schedule that must be closely adhered to and closely monitored for unintended interactions. The situation may also create thorny issues such as:


* Does each doctor know about the prescriptions written by other doctors?

* Have the prescriptions been researched for interactions and side effects?

* Are all the prescriptions being filled?

* Are the medications organized in a weekly pillbox or similar strategy?

* If Medicare and supplemental insurance is available, are claims and other issues getting resolved?


It’s no wonder that many elders need help keeping things straight. Some elders also try to save money by taking reduced doses of prescribed medications or not taking it at all.

If your elder needs medication support or supervision, know that you have options. Many assisted living facilities offer basic healthcare needs, including medication management. For more active elders, many senior living communities also provide medication management. This is important for your loved one’s health as well as your own peace of mind.